Sometimes you wonder are we wasting our campaigning efforts on a government and state agencies that ignore us. Well, every so often we can claim a result when you read the following extract from the current Skipper. FISSTA thank Aine Ni Cheannabhain, GBASC and especially RTE Eco eye for the investigative programme that brings this change. Marine Harvest were exposed with spokesperson Catherine Mc Manus admitting the taking of free loch water. Despite many times the village population number of signatures collected to support the unauthorised pipes. Udaras Na Gaeltachta supported BBT Teo seem tovhave accepted the error of the industry’s ways and now take remedial steps to avoid a repeat disaster in Kilkieran. Fissta are happy to bid Marine Harvest farewell from this bay and hope they get their marching orders from every other one along our Coast as leases are renewed. “We welcome this news which should be front page instead of being tucked away in a low key news item on page 11 of the Skipper. This is the first time a state agency has taken responsibility by withdrawing pollute to produce salmon farms in Galway bay. Now to get BIM to do the same with the Inis Oirr application” stated FISSTA Chairman Paul Lawton.



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