Don’t get diverted en route to Shane’s

What a programme? Full marks to the Albert Titterington team as the first of the 2014 Great Game Faris of Ireland kicks off tomorrow. Everything looking top class for this weekend’s Game and Country Fine Food Fair at Shane’s Castle. The programme is packed with events and FISSTA will be there to promote their campaigns against the ten mega fish farm plan and the for the protection of our anglers rights on the Gweebarra River.

Just to clarify!

Our offices have been getting calls from confused members travelling to Antirim Town to Shanes Castle who have seen notices and may see signs tomorrow for a ‘Lough Fish Fest’ in Tyrone – this is an event that the Loughmacrory Community Development Association have organised to mark the opening of their new sporting Complex and is a seperate event to the Shane’s Castle Game, Fine Food and Country Fair that attracts thousands of visitors.