Good news or is it another PR exercise coming from Norway salmon farmer this morning. Marine Harvest withdraws from the Association of Norwegian Fish Farmers due to the association┬┤s lack of efforts for sustainability and the fight to contain sea lice. Hard to believe my google translation on this one. If Marine Harvest are serious about sustainablilty then they must end open net sea cagesa and come onshore with closed contained production units that will be subject to EU waste managment and clean water framework directives. Minister Coveney should ask Marine Harvest why they failed to outline their solutions to sustainability and sealice when they last met in Bergen as the minutes have no record of him asking these questions.

Marine Harvests kommunikasjonsdirekt├©r Kristine Gramstad. Foto: Trine Forsland

Marine Harvest resigns from FHL

Marine Harvest has chosen to opt out of FHL and into Norwegian Industry. – We are in fundamental disagreement in several key issues, says EVP Communications Kristine Gramstad.
News 03/20/2015
By editorial

The world’s aquaculture company currently has announced that they sign transition from employer association FHL to Norwegian Industries.

– Marine Harvest and FHL disagree in some of the basic questions about how this industry will continue to evolve, and what role FHL which union should adopt. Therefore it is best for both parties that we now join Norwegian Industries, says EVP Communications Kristine Gramstad in a press release from the company.

The disagreement is due mainly to two factors; vision on the development of Norwegian aquaculture, and the way FHL employer organization operated. Marine Harvest has repeatedly advocated that FHL will be operated by the so-called consensus principle; confronting issues that there is already agreement among the members. Marine Harvest believes that it is problematic that an employer organization is emerging as a political actor and goes across member companies interests.

Huge potential in aquaculture
Marine Harvest believes the potential of the industry is enormous, but it also points out that the industry must take on the serious challenges it faces before the big growth can come.

– The future is literally in the ocean. To reach potential the salmon farming industry must challenge and solve the sealice issue. This is about developing Norway’s second largest export further in an environmentally sustainable manner. FHL and Marine Harvest has unfortunately opposing views on this, she says.

Still want broad cooperation in industry
The company will continue to support the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) and the Environmental Fund, and still want a wide cooperation including R & D, feasibility and environmental projects.

– It is important that the industry collaborate closely across company and national boundaries, to solve the challenges we face, and to come up with smart solutions of tomorrow. We wish to cooperate with all breeders around the world to develop the industry, says Gramstad.

Transition in Norwegian Industry
Marine Harvest has today reported transition to NHO’s Norwegian Industry.

– We are pleased to announce the transition to the NHO’s employers’ association, Norwegian Industry. In Norwegian Industrial find other companies and industries that are world leaders in the development of environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable solutions. This strengthens the industry’s competitiveness and improve profitability and jobs. Norwegian Industry working with a number of topics that are highly relevant also for aquaculture, says Gramstad.