Minister Coveney pays BIM to destroy Heritage Hotspot on Wild Atlantic Way for fish farm

THERE WILL BE NO REPLY FROM BIM OR THE MINISTER BE WHEN THE STORM BLOWS. In our questions to the EIS we get the answer that “Best practice will be applied”.
While the salmon pharm cages may be built stronger than a few years ago, they are still no match for the wild Atlantic storm as they lose their moorings frequently. Remember the headlines as a number of cages went AWOL. Some were found without the fish, some may be still be adrift. One bad storm and We will be showered with lice infested escapees that locals have to clean up. It already happened in Donegal – Inver bay. Fish rotting on shore. Fish farmers said the decaying smell was “fertilizer”. Well, with grants from Bim, they are still talking fertilizer.