Tell Enda – There’s no jobs in polluting our seas.

Thank you Charles Clover for yet another fine article – we will copy to our Government and maybe they might read it before they wipe out our wild Atlantic salmon.

Sunday times 17.8.14, headline.

Marine fish farming will kill jobs and glorious Hemingway moments

I was meant to be at the Edinburgh festival all last week but at the final moment, seeing the weather map spotted blue with downpours and sensing a great migration was about to begin, I packed a fishing rod. I am so glad I did. For early one morning, having seen my sonÔÇÖs play, I crept out of the door on my way to the River Till, a tributary of the Tweed.

The Till is one of the dwindling number of UK rivers where sea trout are found in any numbers. There are fewer of these mysterious, little understood fish now on ScotlandÔÇÖs west coast, because of the relentless march of salmon farms, with their chemicals, effluent and the infestations of parasitic sea lice that are so fatal to sea trout as they spend much of their time in coastal waters.

Only in the Borders, Wales and the West Country