Don’t worry. It’s only thousands of fish

ÔÇÿNo dangerÔÇÖ to water supply after Limerick pollution incident

The local authority is investigating a water pollution incident in the Drumcamogue river, a tributary of the Camogue river near Knocklong ?in East Limerick. The Camogue is a tributary of the Maigue river, which flows through Adare.

Slurry is believed to have been the cause of the pollution, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The local authority is monitoring the incident in association with Inland Fisheries Ireland, but it believed that an extensive number of trout and salmon may have been killed.

ItÔÇÖs believed an agricultural source in Co Tipperary is the most likely cause of the incident and the Council is working with Tipperary County Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland to identify the source.

The local authority is reassuring members of the public that there is no danger to the public water supply.

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